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Handmade whisk holder

Handmade whisk holder

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Turn your matcha moment into a ceremony with our handmade ceramic whisk holder. Inspired by the Japanese tea culture and designed by ceramicist Tammy Karlsson. This is a product that is not only practical but also a beautiful interior detail.

  • Multicolored: A beige-grey warm color with a pattern of blue-green-grey created from locally picked blue clay.
  • Grey: A cool grey color with hints of light beige and dark brown speckles.
  • Pink: A light pink clear color.
  • Whitish: A white base color with brown speckles on top.

More than just a whisk holder:

Store your matcha whisk in style when not in use.
Protects your whisk from getting deformed.
Keeps clean with the help of the drip guard.
Texture: The glazed ceramic provides a pleasant surface to touch, allowing the texture of the ceramic to shine through. Each whisk holder is unique and bears the marks of Tammy's craftsmanship.


Height: approx. 6.5 cm
Width: approx. 7.5 cm (foot)

Material: Ceramic

Care instructions: Wash by hand

Each whisk holder is handmade by Tammy Karlsson in her studio in Varberg, Sweden. Please note that each product is unique and may vary slightly in shape and color. The ceramics come in limited edition.

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