Handgjord keramik kollektion

HÖST'23, a handmade ceramics collection with matcha tools created by the artist Hanna Hagström Ohlén. Together, the tools form your ultimate matcha kit.

''Hanna Hagström Ohlén is a Swedish ceramist and art educator, active in the Gothenburg area. Hanna's artistry breathes freedom and innovation. It is her signature to try new ideas with the clay. This is her driving force and develops her artistry in new directions.'' Read more about Hanna here.

Hanna has worked with three main expressions: The classic black and white, the matcha-inspired green and white and mugs in an incredible brown shimmering pattern. The collection follows a whole functionally and differs uniquely, one by one, with hand-painted colors and patterns.

The collection is limited edition.
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