The WAO Ceramic Collection is a handmade ceramic collection which form your ultimate matcha kit. The collection is inspired by Japanese tea culture and is locally hand-earthed by ceramist Tammy Karlsson.

Tammy turns in stoneware clay. She strives for good craftsmanship with good function and irresistible forms.

''I want to raise the value and view of the simple everyday objects. Enriching them with beauty gives them a higher status. It means that we choose objects with care, take care of them and that we don't buy things unnecessarily.'' - Tammy 

Tammy's pottery is located between sea and forest in the countryside, outside Varberg. Series and collections are produced here on both a large and small scale. Some items are decorated with blue clay, taken from the fields around the studio, which has become Tammy's own unique design and which is also added as part of our ceramics collection.

''The series with WAO MATCHA is a mix of Scandinavian design, Japanese ceramics and a little blue clay from the fields of Halland'' - Tammy

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